La Pierre d’éternité is a funeral locket designed to adorn a gravestone, a funerary monument, or any place that perpetuates the memory of a loved one. Handcrafted in France in the purest tradition, each piece of jewelry is unique, blending refinement and delicacy.

Crafted from Limoges porcelain and 24-carat gold, La Pierre d’éternité contains an NFC chip that allows for creation and access to a personal and secure commemorative space, preserving your most cherished memories. It retains photos, videos, dates, and anecdotes to narrate, share, and keep the story of a life alive.

La ‘Pierre d’éternité’ was developed to accompany mourning by providing a space to remember and pay tribute to the deceased person. Through its tribute services, it also offers a caring space to share memories and messages of sympathy, providing a bit of solace along the path of mourning.

Access via NFC to

your secure memory space

Gold border and

handmade decor

Genuine Limoges

Porcelain (I.G)

The commemorative space
Personal timeline
Keep the story of a lifetime alive
The family tree
Create your family tree
The memorial services
To honor the memory of the deceased
The GPS location function
To indicate the coordinates of the burial place

"There is something stronger than death, it is the presence of the absent in the memory of the living."

Jean d'Ormesson (1925-2017)

your best memories forever

Collect your memories in one protected and shareable place. Gather and save the photos, videos, and audio scattered across the web, phones, and your loved ones’ albums. Add memories endlessly, without any limits on data, time, or number of users

Memories play an essential role in our lives by allowing us to relive important moments. In recent years, our ability to create memories has multiplied with photos, videos, and voice messages. Sometimes, we may even be unaware of the existence of certain memories, like photos taken by others. To prevent the loss of these precious memories, La Pierre d'éternité allows us to gather, preserve, and securely share them. Build your digital heritage without any restrictions on data volume or time!

La pierre d’éternité

(French Model)

Find bereavement

Lighting a virtual candle, writing a message of condolence, or sharing a memory of the deceased: elegant and delicate ways for those close to you to show their presence and support. With La Pierre d’éternité, choose when and where you’ll read these expressions of affection: certainly when you’ll need them the most.

Expressing sympathy to the loved ones of a deceased person is a delicate matter. One might fear being awkward, timing it wrong, or even adding to the pain. This complexity can create a kind of taboo, sometimes leaving grieving individuals feeling alone and isolated. La Pierre d'éternité offers a compassionate space to share memories and write condolence messages, providing valuable support along the path of mourning.

La pierre d’éternité


Keep the memory of your
departed loved one alive

Keeping someone alive in your heart and thoughts while continuing to move forward demands a tremendous amount of courage. With La Pierre d’éternité, keep the memory of your departed loved one alive. You can call upon it whenever you feel the need.

The loss of a loved one can stir ambivalent emotions: the fear of forgetting that person, yet also the fear of being imprisoned in suffering; the ache of absence contrasted with the tenderness of memories; and the physical absence of the beloved alongside their eternal presence in our hearts. La Pierre d'éternité was developed to accompany those in mourning by offering a space for memories and commemoration that's always available: at every stage of life and whenever the need to reconnect with the presence of the cherished one is felt.


La pierre d’éternité

(Heritage Model)